Industrial and mobile hydraulics

Possanzini S.r.l. is a company specialized in industrial and mobile hydraulics, with 40 plus years of experience designing, building and maintaining hydraulic systems that can be applied in different areas such as: industry, railway, agricultural, wind power and naval.
Our long experience led us to many long lasting partnerships with the most important companies in the field.

Having good functioning hydraulic systems, modern automation, perfectly working machines and components, is increasingly important in every area we intervene. So it becomes essential to be able to count on able and professional suppliers who’ll give you all the assistance you need.
That’s exactly what Possanzini S.r.l. offers to its customers.

Professionalism and expertise

A company value as an ally to avoid unpleasant surprises

Guaranteed assistance

Our guaranteed assistance against any risk

Technology and services

Continuous research and development and high accuracy proceedings.

Professionalism and warranty

Being professional is a value for us and it’s synonymous with responsibility towards you.
The quality of materials, hydraulics expertise and last gen production techniques allow us to provide you with trustworthy services, thanks to our guaranteed test formula.
Qualified experts along with the best use of materials and a great assistance is at your disposal. We also guarantee a fast delivery of our products according to your needs.

Assistance and counseling

Possanzini offers counseling in different areas:

  • hydraulic systems assistance;
  • technical assistance & pump construction;
  • hydraulic power units design;
  • design of hydraulic systems;
  • pumps’ revision;
  • injection molding presses overhaul;
  • repair of hydrostatic transmissions;
  • study of hydraulic systems.

Technology and services

Possanzini S.r.l. has at its disposal the best and most technologically advanced machineries for processing and creating hydraulic systems.

In this area we can offer:

  • construction of hydraulic test machines
  • electronics, hydraulics and maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • hydrostatic transmission maintenance
  • mechanics and press assembly
  • workshops on systems overhaul
  • hydraulics
  • pumps and compressors
  • press production
  • cylinder design
  • automation design
  • crane truck overhaul.