Design and Construction of hydraulic systems with CAD support and CAE dynamic simulation / more details
Design and Construction of hydraulic cylinders / more details
Design and Construction of hydraulic control units with electrical cabinet / more details
Design and Construction of machines for hydraulic oil filtration and flushing systems (also for rental) / more details
Construction of customized gaskets for: hydraulic and pneumatic systems; construction of components in elastomeric materials; high pressure plastics; high temperature; chemical agents; for food (everywhere in Italy, for any sector – replacements in 24 hours) / more details
Supply of flexible pipes, hoses, fittings, press inserts in stainless steel aisi 316L.
Supply and revision / dynamic testing of pumps, engines and valves / more details
Supply of hydraulic accessory material for presses / more details
Hydraulic revision / mechanical injection molding presses, die casting, sheet metal, various hydraulic presses / more details
Revision of planetary gearboxes and others.

Hydraulics in different areas: Industrial, Railway, Naval, Agricultural, Wind Power

Our strength is in hydraulics. Our qualified staff and up-to-date technologies are a warrant of service satisfaction with no parallels from the design phase to the construction, maintenance, revision and assistance.

Thanks to our mobile working units, we can provide our services at your place as well as in our company’s headquarters.

The always stocked Possanzini S.r.l. warehouse helps us in bringing you the hydraulics fittings and spare parts you need in a very little time.

CAD & CAE Design

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic control units

Hydraulic oil filtration and flushing systems

Customised gaskets for hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Pumps, engines and valves revision

Hydraulic material for presses

Presses’ revision

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