CAD CAM for CNC milling and CAD CAM for CNC turning

With this technique it’s possible to use directly the solid native models out of the known CAD systems, keeping the associative ties, facilitating a quick efficient programming, especially for future edits of the design file.
Turning: facing, roughing, finishing, threading, roughing and finishing grooves and drilling cycles.
Milling: roughing of a solid model, simulator, face milling, bezel.

CNC Milling

CNC milling for the realization of precision mechanics of both prototypes and large scale productions.

CNC Turning

CNC turning through last gen machinery and technologies that allow us to provide the customers with high precision processing.

MIG and TIG soldering

MIG and TIG soldering for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze with non-disruptive controls.


Cylinder barrel sanding

Sanding of ferrous materials and metal surfaces polishing.



Serration for the creation of toothed wheels with external teeth and splined profiles.

Floors’ lapping

Precision finishing of the surface of a piece. It eliminates the ridges left after grinding and reduces the roughness at a tenth of a millimeter.

precision mechanical processing

Accuracy guarantee

Tech and know how for a maximum accuracy

Our mechanical processing department has the latest generation equipment, machinery and technologies that, combined with our years of experience, allow us to guarantee our customers with the highest accuracy in every part of the work (which is custom made on your needs and on the different materials we use).
Every mechanical processing undergoes a scrupulous scrutiny, starting with the customer demands’ evaluation, acceptance of the material that has to be processed, a control of the machine after its initial setup, scheduled random checks and a final check right before the delivery.
Finally, our precision mechanical workings allow us to offer our customer the construction of special machines.

CNC milling, some creations

CNC turning, some creations

MIG and TIG soldering, some creations

Serration, some creations