Technical assistance on presses: injection, die casting, sheet metal

Revision and repair (even urgent) on hydraulic systems:
  • Injection and blow molding machines
  • Die casting
  • Blanking presses
  • Bending machines
  • Sheet metal treatment
  • Hydraulic control units
  • Distribution solenoid valves on off from light 6 to light 32
  • Proportional distribution solenoid valves, flow and pressure control
  • Modular on off and proportional pressure control valves: reducing, limiting, sequence
  • Modular flow control, mechanical and proportional control valves
  • Hydraulic cylinders repair
  • Revision and repair of hydraulic control units
  • Review of complete hydrostatic transmissions, mechanical and proportional control
  • Overhaul and repair of rkp radial piston pumps – national authorized Moog center
  • Overhaul and repair of proportional Moog valves and servo valves – regional authorized center for the Marche region
  • Overhaul of radial piston motors for molds and orbital engines
  • Revision and sale of blowers and vacuum pumps

In our warehouse we have a wide range of hydraulics products and components coming from the best producers thanks to the partnerships we forged in 30 plus years of activity. Because of that we’re able to answer in the quickest way possible to our clients’ most important demands.

Besides the hydraulic components, our garage and mobile units offer an important assistance, repair and review service for every hydraulic unit. Those services can be provided both in our garage as well as at the customer’s place.

We repair and revise every kind of industrial presses and machineries, hydraulic cylinders and control units and, if needed, we also provide a safety and compliance service according to the directives and regulations in force.

If, unfortunately, a complex damage occurs, we are able to provide the installation of overhauled units during the time we’ll spend repairing the customer’s ones, so that they won’t have to endure production downtime. In our garage, thanks to our special bench tests, our experts will analyze the damages and provide the customer with a report of the diagnosis performed and any detailed estimate for the resolution of the problem.
Whereas a repair isn’t possible, we’ll come up with an alternative solution.
Our goal is to provide an impeccable service that won’t compromise the operation of our customers and that guarantees them with unparalleled efficiency.

Presses’ revision